What is zenon panel?

Zenon panel is an earthquake resistance isolated structural system, it is a perfect solution for isolated wall and slabs, it is also cheaper, more durable and more practical.

Zenon panel systems was applied for the first time in the USA in 1970, the production technology was improved in Europe in the 80s.

The use of modern building system technology  rapidly increased all over the world.

Zenon pannel has double layer of steel wire mesh connected by continuous diagonal wires, and an EPS insulation foam board inserted between two layers (Expanded polystyrene).

Zenon panel has rigidity and tensile strength with 3D steel wire mesh system, each 1m panel has 200 node is welded with electronic control.

The function of EPS is Noiseproof and Heatproof.

Zenon panel dimensions: Net width of panel is 121 cm, with overlap meshes the total width is 142 cm.

The panel is produced in desired lengths depending on the need.

Where to use?

  • Low rise building system
  • Roofs or last floors
  • Interior and exterior wall
  • Special projects

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